The Savannah Tigers

Coach Bala React To His First Game in Charge

Our newly appointed Technical Adviser, Bala Abubakar, expressed his gratitude to God and the club’s management following his successful debut in charge, which saw the team secure an impressive away win. Abubakar credited the club proprietor, Alhaji Suleiman Umar, for instilling confidence in him and praised the players for their outstanding performance

“I will first of all give glory to God Almighty and the management of Doma United for the confidence they have in me most especially the club proprietor Alhaji Suleiman Umar. I feel very delighted yesterday with my first win that comes on the road. I’m happy with the fighting spirit and fantastic display by the players by adhering strictly to our match plan”.

Reflecting on his approach since joining the club, Abubakar highlighted his immediate assessment of the team’s strengths and areas for improvement. He emphasized the importance of identifying and addressing these aspects to ensure continued success “immediately I came in, I tried as much as possible to look at the team and I looked at areas I needed to work on, and also to look at how I’m supposed to work on them” Coach Bala said.

Addressing concerns about the absence of key players, Abubakar emphasized the significance of building a cohesive team rather than relying solely on individual talents. He stressed the importance of recruiting quality players and preparing the team collectively to achieve results. Bala said “If you always prepare your team around one or two individuals, you always have a problem. The essence of recruiting good players is to put them together, prepare them very well and get your result and we are able to do it”.

Abubakar’s positive start goes well for us as we look to build momentum under his leadership. With a strong emphasis on teamwork and strategic planning, the team aims to maintain its winning form in the next, buoyed by our new Technical Adviser’s vision and guidance.

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