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Doma United Appoint New Technical Adviser

Doma United Football Club is delighted to officially announce the appointment of Coach Bala Abubakar Mohammed as our New Technical Adviser. This decision comes as a strategic move to bolster our performance in the ongoing season.

In the words of our esteemed Chairman, Alh. Suleiman Umar, “The appointment of Coach Bala is imperative given our recent challenges in the second half of the season. We believe his extensive experience in managing teams within the league will significantly contribute to our objective of maintaining our status.”

Coach Bala brings a wealth of experience garnered from managing top-tier clubs in the league. His proven track record and tactical acumen make him the ideal candidate to lead our team forward.

It’s worth noting that Coach Bala will be collaborating closely with Coach Akinade Onigbinde and our dedicated coaching staff. We anticipate that their collective efforts will yield positive results on the field. We urge our entire coaching team to extend their utmost cooperation and support to Coach Bala as we strive to achieve our goals.

While we welcome constructive input from all stakeholders, we emphasize the importance of allowing our technical department to operate without undue interference. As reiterated by Chairman Alh. Suleiman Umar, “The technical department is not open to all, and we caution against unwarranted meddling as we remain focused on our objectives.”

We extend our best wishes to Coach Bala Abubakar Mohammed as he undertakes this crucial role. Together, we are committed to charting a successful path for Doma United Football Club.

Mark Malele
Head of Communication
Doma United Football Club

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