The Savannah Tigers

Doma United In The NPFL- One Year Strong

Arise, Doma United faithful! Let the roars echo through the country and beyond, for today we celebrate a journey etched in grit and glory – one year since our Tigers stormed onto the stage of the Nigeria Premier Football League!

Remember the doubters? The whispers of disbelief? We silenced them with every drop of sweat, every roar from the stands, every point clawed from the grasp of seasoned giants.

From that opening draw against Sunshine Stars to the valiant fight in the Challenge Cup, we defied expectations, etching our name in the NPFL narrative. A fifth-place finish in Group B – a badge of honor for a club still taking its first steps on the grandest stage.

We learned, we adapted, we evolved. Players came and went, tactics honed, strategies recalibrated. This season, we enter with renewed commitment, a squad forged in the crucible of discipline, ready to paint the league with Doma United stripes!

To our players, our fearless Tigers – your blood and sweat have woven the fabric of our pride. You wear the badge with pride and we salute your every charge! 

To the tireless minds behind the scenes – the coaches, the trainers, the unseen heroes – your dedication lays the foundation for every victory. We see you; we thank you, and we stand shoulder-to-shoulder in this shared pursuit of glory!

And to the fans, the heartbeat of Doma United – your unwavering support, your thunderous chants, your unwavering belief – these are the wings that lift us higher. You are the true Tigers, the wind beneath our wings. ️

The first half nearly done; the second stanza beckons. Let us roar together, stand united, and paint the NPFL with the unyielding spirit of Doma United! Onwards, to victory!

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