The Savannah Tigers

The Manager’s Reaction To Our 2-0 Win Over Bayelsa United

The Savannah Tigers enjoyed a triumphant homecoming as they defeated Bayelsa United 2-0 in a thrilling encounter during week two of the 2023/2024 Nigeria Premier Football League (NPFL) at the Pantami Stadium on Saturday. Coach Akinade Onigbinde expressed his satisfaction with the team’s performance, emphasizing their aspirations for the season.

“I’m very, very, very happy. Our boys played well; they came out, and they showed that they wanted to play the match. And this first win at home is very important for us,” Coach Onigbinde remarked.

Despite the victory, the manager recognized certain areas for improvement, saying, “Knowing that we are just getting started and we are up and running now but there were some lapses in the game. We created a lot of chances and we wasted them. It could have ended like 5-0. But I believe when we keep working hard, we are going to keep it going, we are going to get the results.”

When questioned about their title aspirations, Coach Onigbinde expressed confidence, stating, “Definitely we are contenders. Last season we tried our best to be part of Super 6 but it couldn’t work, but glory be to God. This time around, we are not just going to be pretenders like that.”

The manager also acknowledged Bayelsa United’s strong performance, praising their attacking prowess. “They played a very good football, you know. They won their first match at home by 5-3, which shows you that they are very good at attacking. So, we had to work on our defence, we let our boys know that we can’t give a chance for just a goal at home. And again, in their defence, we looked at some of the weak areas that we can penetrate, and then we went for it. The game plan worked out for us.”

Looking ahead to their next match against Sporting Lagos, Coach Onigbinde expressed optimism, stating, “I believe these boys; we are going to get something from there. We watched the match together with the players. We identified their weaknesses and their strengths. So, if we work towards that during the week, we train very well, we are going to pick something from there.”

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