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Doma United’s Goalkeeper Babalo Attributes Heroics to Club Support

In a thrilling final game, Doma United’s goalkeeper, Mamman Abraham, also known as Babalo, emerged as the hero of the day during a penalty shootout. His outstanding performance helped secure the 2023 Gusau/Ahlan Preseason Tournament trophy for the team.

Babalo, who has been an integral part of the Savannah Tigers for the past two years, saved two critical penalties that proved decisive in the team’s victory. His entrance on the field during the 90th minute against Plateau United showcased his determination.

Reflecting on his remarkable performance, Babalo attributed it to the unwavering support of key figures within the club. He expressed his gratitude to Alhaji Suleiman Umar, the club’s Chairman, for his constant motivation and presence. “First of all, I give God the glory for the experience and strength. I will also like to thank our Chairman, Alhaji Suleiman Umar, for his motivation; he’s always with us,” Babalo remarked.

Furthermore, Babalo acknowledged the pivotal role played by the technical department, led by Akinade Onigbinde. He recognized their unyielding support and belief in his abilities. “Also, the entire technical crew have been supportive, and I thank them for believing in me,” he added.

Addressing the friendship within the team, Babalo emphasized the close bond among the goalkeepers. “We’re like brothers, we pray together, play together, and advise each other in a very good manner. We never say words that hurt one another. We’re one,” he stated, highlighting the harmonious atmosphere within the squad.

Looking ahead to the upcoming season, Babalo expressed his commitment to continuous improvement. As Doma United gears up for their second season in the Nigerian Professional Football League (NPFL), Babalo reaffirmed his dedication. “I’m well prepared for the new season, and I am going to continue working hard because if you can see my training and even this recent final that I came in, in the 90th minute, I tried my best to make my chairman, coaches, and fans proud,” he promised.

Babalo’s heroic performance and his heartfelt appreciation for the club’s support serve as a testament to the unity and determination driving Doma United as they prepare to conquer new challenges in the NPFL.

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